We’ve been working with our suppliers to get the orders ready asap. We encountered some additional delays in logistics and slowdowns in production.

Starting from today, we will share weekly updates on our progress from our suppliers as they complete the production. We can't wait for you to be getting started  with our powder to liquid hand wash. It’s with your help that FORGO can make sustainable care possible.

So where are we at today?

The Lab : It’s been challenging to source our natural raw materials during this time. We are still waiting on one ingredient to arrive at our lab in Canada. We expect it to arrive any day now so the lab can get mixing the formulation.

The Paper Sachet : The tooling has been made and the large scale production is scheduled for next week.

The Packaging :  Our envelopes and boxes made from recycled paper are in the assembly queue and we expect to receive them at our distribution points within the next few weeks.

The Glass Bottle :  At the glass factory in Portugal we ran into an issue with the pump fitting our custom bottle neck. The new steel tool for producing the glass bottle was finished last week. We're talking with the factory every day to make sure the production runs smoothly.

For any questions, contact us at