Imagine getting all your daily personal care shipped to you in the smallest possible paper packaging. We wouldn’t need to throw away plastic bottles and bags anymore. That's where we are headed.

Our refills are delivered right to your door in sets of three. They are shipped to you in recycled recyclable paper boxes and envelopes. We limited the packaging to its bare minimum. Only what is required for the bottle not to break in transport. No massive box, wrapping plastic, or bubble wrap. Just what you need.


The sachet containing our solid hand wash isn’t coated in plastic like many other products. It’s sourced sustainably and manufactured in Northern Europe. It is not a plastic pouch or a biodegradable plastic, which has very little to no chance of being recycled/composted. Its coating dissolves in the normal paper recycling or composting stream.

Also, we offer free shipping on most orders and while we know this first hand wash version is not affordable to everyone, we will continue and work with our suppliers and internally to make this mini revolution accessible to the most.

Our product will be for now only available in Europe and North America. We hope to introduce it to more countries in the near future. Let us know where you would want it next!