It feel strange at first, but refilling a bottle of hand wash is simpler than making tea.



How to make:

Step 1 Fill - Add one 12g sachet to 250ml of hot tap water to the dotted line on the bottle. Step 2 Shake -  Shake or swirl for 30 seconds. Most will dissolve in a minute or two. A little bit may linger longer. Step 3 Foam -  Wash your hands. It’s that simple. 



Hand washing benefits all of us. See how it’s a bit different than a quick rinse. How to use:

How to use:

Step 1 - Wet your hands with warm or cold tap water. Step 2 - Apply a pump or two of hand wash to your hands.  Step 3 - Scrub them together for 20 seconds. Get everything. Step 4 - Rinse under the tap water. Step 5 - Dry your hands.